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Field Recharge Tutorial

December 31, 2013

Green Lantern Hal Jordan prepared a tutorial on using the field battery for recharge. You can view it here.


Release 2.0.17

May 12, 2012

Version 2.0.17 of the HUD is now available.

  • Bioscan now scans sim-wide regardless of viewer
  • Flight system adjusted to account for removal of flight ceiling
  • Team member culling restored (since Linden Lab put SVC-4823 on hold)

Release 2.0.16

February 26, 2012

Version 2.0.16 of the HUD has been relesed with two bug fixes:

  • Click-and-hold to target now disabled in combat mode and when no mode is selected.
  • Team members are no longer removed from the team when offline (due to SVC-4823)

Developer’s Kit 2.0.15

February 4, 2012

The developer’s kit has been updated from 2.0.12 to 2.0.15 to incorporate our bug fixes and new features. Notable are the additions of the hope and avarice objects to the kit.

Agent Orange 2.0

January 22, 2012

The Agent Orange power rings, Okaara batteries, and agent construct loaders have been updated to version 2.0 of Mystic Gems power ring system.  Current customers should receive the updates as they rez and charge (or, for agents, reload) their existing rings.

Release 2.0.15

January 22, 2012

Version 2.0.15 of the HUD and core constructs are now available.  Along with support for avarice, these include enhancements to targeting, reflex shields, pusher constucts, and team functions.  HUDs will update on attachment; construct updates will be delivered when your battery is rezed or within 24 hours.

2.0.14 was an unreleased internal testing version.  You didn’t miss anything.

  • Support for Avarice functions
  • Unified HTTP communications for constructs
  • Act! team functions moved to http back-end
  • Fixed stack/heap collisions in some scripts
  • Improved llCastRay()-based targeting acquisition
  • Pusher constructs now use nonphysical motion for greater effectiveness
  • Reflex shields now detach automatically if focus drops below 0; they won’t knock you unconscious.

The future…

January 3, 2012

Aethyr shoved this across the desk to me over the holiday. So far as I know, this is the grid’s first mesh power ring. It should be less of a load on viewers, but more importantly it looks exactly like she wanted it to look.  We’re keeping an eye on what viewers are gaining ground and how many people can see mesh; when it hits what we consider critical mass, you’ll start seeing us update gear to use the better models.  What’s holding you back?