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Roadmap to Blackest Night

March 6, 2009

With constant new revelations about the various powers of light as DC builds up to Blackest Night, we at Mystic Gems have been considering how this impacts our products.  It’s always been our goal to make our rings and batteries as accurate to the source material as possible.  But as we learn more about the capabilities of the various Corps, that means that inevitably new releases will behave differently from old.

We will continue to release bug fixes for the 1.0 ring versions while we prepare for these changes.  With the 1.1 release, various ring colors will begin to interact.  Blue power rings will be less powerful on their own, but reach full power when near a green ring and augment the green ring’s power.  Red rings will drain blue and green rings when nearby, but constructs will be harder for them to make.  And so forth, as we learn more.

When the 1.1 rings enter production, 1.0 rings will update automatically as usual.  You can, if you wish, keep your 1.0 ring and discard the updates.  We will disable automatic updating of the 1.0 rings after one month; owners of 1.0 rings who wish to update after that period may do so, or they may keep using their old rings as they always have.  We can’t support the 1.0 rings after the 1.1 rings are out; if you decide not to upgrade, you’ll be on your own.

We hope this works for everyone.  Please leave us feedback in the comments, or contact me in-world.


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