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Power Ring 1.1 Released

October 18, 2009

Mystic Gems is proud to release version 1.1 of our Green Lantern power rings – the Corps and Glyph styles, and Alien, Artist, and Aviator batteries.Green Lantern rings

Common Features

All version 1.1 power rings include:


  • Linden Damage, DCS compatible
  • Action! System native damage
  • 6 attack modes included
  • Add-on beams available, or make your own*
  • Adaptive aiming targets your enemies without waiting for pop-up menus
  • Particle beams in no-rez areas

Melee Attacks

  • Linden damage, DCS compatible
  • Action! system native damage
  • Fist fighting included
  • Construct weapons available soon


  • Personal and group shields in 6 types
  • Add-on shields available, or make your own*
  • Respond to HUD, chat, or gesture control
  • Automatic protection from attacks
  • Deflectors for use against shield-breakers or in no-rez areas


  • Destructable constructs
  • Parameters notecard-controlled
  • Position constructs using your camera
  • 16 constructs included
  • Add our constructs or make your own*


  • Power drain appropriate to use and effort
  • Emotional auras interact with other Mystic Gems rings


  • Cruise control for hands-free flight


  • Track mass, energy, or people
  • Lock on with one mouse click
  • Contacts highlighted by range
  • Target direction indicator
  • Gather detailed information on target
  • Search for people or objects by name
  • Monitor region status


  • Communicate with other members of your Corps in the region
  • Automatic notification of friendly arrivals nearby
  • Link to external data sources


  • Fast, intuitive HUD control and chat & gesture control; use what works best for you
  • Low lag scripting
  • Compass
  • HUD hides when ring powers down


  • Ring glow reflects output
  • Ring moves into fist position when animations play
  • Battery animates for recharge


  • Customizable oath
  • 36 ring glow combinations
  • Mod, resizable ring for perfect fit
  • Right and left-handed animations

* Free Developer’s Kit required, available at our main store

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