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Agent Orange Power Ring and Battery

March 13, 2010

Mystic Gems is pleased to complete the spectrum with the release of our Orange power ring and battery.   Due to its unique nature, the ring of Avarice is available in two packages: Agent and Owner.

An OWNER is the owner of an orange power battery; the Owner set includes the orange power battery, and sells for L$1,000.

An AGENT is one who charges his orange ring at someone else’s power battery.  As soon as the ring is charged, the Agent belongs to the Owner.  If the Agent then charges at someone else’s battery, he belongs to the new Owner and the old Owner loses his claim.  The Agent ring sells for L$750.

When an Agent comes within range of the emotional aura of the Owner, the Owner gains the ability to exert control over the Agent’s ring.  The Owner can force the Agent to attack, defend, and follow targets.  If the Agent uses the RLV extensions present in some third-party viewers, the Owner is trusted to use that functionality on the Agent.

The Agent ring set includes a construct loader, which allows the agent to customize their ring with additional constructs, but does not charge the ring.


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