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Release Notes 2.0.4

July 8, 2011

This is a maintenance release to the 2.0 green rings, but we did manage to fit in some new features.

NOTE: This update applies to rings, HUDs, and batteries. Please update all three before using.

  • Easier to fire in mouselook
  • Fixes to morale & focus displays when stats are buffed
  • Added Act! traits to debug dump
  • Added Threaten animation
  • Added ambient sound to aura (for wearer only)
  • Added touch-to-expand to brick wall (and put the brick wall back in)
  • Added teammate shield
  • Construct menu generator switched to Mono for performance.
  • Cached constructs list for performance
  • Added toggle to auto-targeting in combat
  • Damage and energy costs refactored
  • Added 3 new glows & 1 new accent texture – 240 combinations
  • Universal recharge
  • Construct updater for batteries

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