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Release Notes 2.0.11

August 7, 2011
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This is a ring, battery, and HUD update.

  • Once Focus is depleted, constructs cannot be made; consistent with MMO handling of mana levels, reduces confusing defeats due to exhaustion.
  • Character sheet reader confirms rename (requires character sheet; preparation for Act! character release)
  • Added ambient sound in combat & construct modes
  • Added secondary special effects node support (for Red Lantern vomit & Indigo Lantern staff)
  • Autoattack now interacts properly with ring being busy
  • Act! resource script changed to Mono for performance & memory
  • Removed separate Act! i/o script; merged with resources (net +32kb)
  • Corrected problems with target tracker not getting Act! information from objects
  • Corrected problem with hue override in constructs

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