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Server Bug Breaks Power Batteries & HUDs

September 13, 2011

This morning, Linden Lab deployed a new version ( of the Second Life simulator software to the main grid.  This version contained a bug (reported as SVC-7283) which prevents our power batteries from transferring inventory to the HUD.  This effectively prevents new rings from charging for the first time, and prevents any ring from recharging from the standard battery.  Rings which have already been charged can use the power battery from the construct Tools menu to recharge, but attempting to charge from your regular battery will remove all constructs from the ring.

Until this bug is fixed, we have halted all sales.  We will be monitoring the situation closely.  Linden Lab is reacting as quickly as can be expected, but at best we expect it to be two weeks before a fix is deployed.  It may be much longer.  We will send an in-world group notice as soon as we have confirmed the rings are functional again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for Mystic Gems.


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