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Release 2.0.15

January 22, 2012

Version 2.0.15 of the HUD and core constructs are now available.  Along with support for avarice, these include enhancements to targeting, reflex shields, pusher constucts, and team functions.  HUDs will update on attachment; construct updates will be delivered when your battery is rezed or within 24 hours.

2.0.14 was an unreleased internal testing version.  You didn’t miss anything.

  • Support for Avarice functions
  • Unified HTTP communications for constructs
  • Act! team functions moved to http back-end
  • Fixed stack/heap collisions in some scripts
  • Improved llCastRay()-based targeting acquisition
  • Pusher constructs now use nonphysical motion for greater effectiveness
  • Reflex shields now detach automatically if focus drops below 0; they won’t knock you unconscious.

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